Building Jewish Peoplehood: Challenges and
2008. Menachem Revivi and Ezra
Kopelowitz. Academic Studies Press.

Jewish Peoplehood Education: Framing the Field,
2011, Shlomi Ravid and Varda Rafaeli, Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education.

חינוך לעמיות יהודית: חזון ומעשה — צוות המשימה הבינלאומי לחינוך לעמיות יהודית. המרכז לחינוך לעמיות יהודית. 2012. שלומי רביד וורדה רפאלי

Policy Papers

“Best Practices of Organizations that build Jewish Peoplehood: A Policy-Oriented Analysis of a Field in Formation”, 2010. Ezra Kopelowitz and Shlomi Ravid, The Jewish Peoplehood Hub.

“A Framework for Strategic Thinking about Jewish Peoplehood”, 2007. Ezra Kopelowitz and Ari Engelberg, Nadav Foundation.

Peoplehood Papers

The Peoplehood Papers provide a platform for Jews to discuss their common agenda and issues relating to their collective identity. Appearing three times a year, addressing specific themes, you are invited to join the conversation.

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Educational Materials

Israel – the Vision and Venture of the Jewish People, Ravid Shlomi and Kedar Shelley, Beit Hatefutzot, Tel Aviv, 2008.


Jewish Peoplehood: the Israeli Challenge, Shlomi Ravid, CONTACT, Summer 2012, New York. Reprinted with permission from CONTACT, A Journal of The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life.

“Toward a Pluralistic Form of Peoplehood” Ravid, Shlomi, Hayidiyon, RAVSAK, 9, New York

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