Peoplehood is Here to be Re-Envisioned, A response to Steven Windmueller

“There is no question, as Windmueller’s analysis shows, that American Jews are phasing out of the Peoplehood paradigm that dominated the post WW2 and Six Day War era. And yet concepts and categories of Peoplehood still frame the conversation regarding Jewish collective ethos, meaning and destiny. In that respect, we still live very much in a Peoplehood condition. One whose essence is still being envisioned and content being figured out, but should last as long as Jews wrestle with the meaning of Judaism”

Jill Blair: Why Are We Still Here?

“I have had the good fortune of participating in the Jewish Peoplehood Conversations convened by Dr. Shlomi Ravid, director of the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education. These discussions have helped me begin to visualize a through-line between our past and our future as American Jewish communal institutions – as essential elements of Jewish civilization. These discussions have brought to light some beliefs that inform my efforts…”