In this short pamphlet, published by Beit Hatfutsot, Shlomi Ravid offers a reinterpretation of the narrative of the State of Israel as “the vision and venture of the Jewish people”, in order to frame the conversation about the future of Israel from a Peoplehood perspective. The pamphlet addresses the questions of:

• What is my relationship, as a Jew, to the Jewish State and how can I enhance this relationship from a Peoplehood perspective?

• What should Israel do in order to continue being the State of the Jewish People in the future?

• What should the Jewish people do to keep Israel as a core concept of their Peoplehood?

• Does being the Jewish State place unique expectations and obligations on Israel?

• What are the core principles of Peoplehood that should be applied to Jewish sovereignty?

• What are the intersections of Peoplehood and Judaism and where do they interface with Israel as the State of the Jewish People?