When the challenges of Jewish Peoplehood emerged in the Jewish world, most efforts went into trying to understand the meaning and significance of Jewish Peoplehood in the present. Some lead questions included: what does peoplehood mean today? Why is it important? How do we define it? Later, Jewish organizations and leaders asked: How do we nurture a sense of Peoplehood in the minds and hearts of today’s Jews? How do we inculcate Jewish collective identity as an essential part of a person’s individual Jewish identity? And indeed, this issue of the Peoplehood Papers shifts from the “What” to the “How,” with the goal of understanding how we change the current Jewish landscape to one that is conducive to nurturing a sense of the collective. What is our theory of change? What are impactful areas of interventions? How should this challenge impact our thinking on Jewish education, leadership development and our communal structure? Who are effective change agents? What tools are needed? What age groups should we focus on? The aim is to shift the Peoplehood conversation towards the practical questions of identity, community and people building.

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