Pianko proposes a paradigm shift, from nationhood to neighborhood. Peoplehood based on a neighborhood rather than a nationhood model promotes understanding of Jewish collectivity as the sum of divergent processes of Jewish exploration and community building. “Neighborhoods” broadly construed, either in-person or via focused global networks, create a platform for engagement, meaning, creation, and innovation, with Jewish communities looking to develop what the software community calls open-source standards. The outcome will therefore be: local, informal expressions of collectivity rather than overarching institutional centers. Micro-communities emerge as the creators and perpetuators of the ongoing project of Jewish peoplehood. Divergent and grassroots expressions of Jewish involvement are not signs of the end of Jewish peoplehood, but the basis for its future.

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  1. Until Canada accepts the retilay that this nation was founded on a lies, starting with the concept of terra nullus, and continuing through to the lies told to new immigrants that there were free lands available that were just there for the taking, things will never change. Until Canadians take the time to learn the true history of this country and the truth of the founding of this nation and the role that Aboriginal people have played in the development of this country we will continue to be treated as a problem to be solved through colonialist based ideologies racism will continue. Canada wraps it’s racism in a velvet glove to make it more palatable and nurtures it on a constant diet of willful ignorance, to break this requires that the mainstream take the time to learn the true history of this country.

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