Using the language of rock music, Arnoff suggests that in order to help the individual view Jewish communities as compelling enough to join, the Jewish educator must move beyond the personal and facilitate “a community comprised of individuals with rich, meaningful experience.” He notes that, “navigating peoplehood requires a multidimensional, pluralistic map to the biblical landscape…This is the place where meaning and connection emerge as personal and communal, ancient and contemporary, and belong to both Rome and Jerusalem.”


  1. Sharleen Carlos – My favorite thing to play with when i was young were these litlte thick binders my dad would bring home. in the binders were over 500 cardboard color swatches (?) shaped like litlte bookmarkers that had every color you could ever think of. i think it’s used for people who want to paint their house; like, color samples or something. anyway, my dad had a few of these, so i used one binder for playing payroll manager’ using the book to write checks to my employees. i also pretended to be a cop and i would tear out some of the cardboards to issue tickets’ i even used some of the swatches in replacement for monopoly money that always seemed to get lost. lol. my imagination was endless i could write you a paper on the things i came up with those binders were the greatest thing ever! lol.

    • , when I nurse in public, nobody sees my breast (I bet it helps I'm an A cup lol!). 🙂 Kudos to all breastfeeding, Jesus loving, back to nature mamar!Gseetings from

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