In December of 2018 a unique gathering took place at the Palo Alto JCC. Some 100 leaders and activists from the U.S and Israel gathered under the auspices of Zionism 3.0 and Zionism 21 to discuss 21st Century Zionism. The following core principles were introduced:

  • Peoplehood is the binding formative ideal of World Jewry and Israel.
  •    Israel is the state where the entire Jewish People exercises its right to self-determination.
  •    Israel and World Jewry are two centers equal in their significance for Jewish destiny.
  • A vibrant Diaspora is a Zionist imperative.
  • Z3 and Z21 are cross-partisan ideas and movements, encompassing the full diversity of Jewish life and expression.

We decided to dedicate Peoplehood Papers 25 as a platform for broadening and deepening the conversation on the Zionism of the 21stcentury.

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