Friedman reflects on the tension of universalism and particularism in Israel’s current ethical dilemma surrounding whether to absorb African refugees into its population. She expands the tension to her work as coordinator of Siach, a network of international Jewish social justice and environmental professionals. She uses an upcoming conference in Budapest of Jewish social justice leaders to offer examples that highlight these tensions.


  1. Jason -Another consideration you could ctlaulcae into your problem is the relative ROI that can be reasonably expected from righteous anger against the wrongs perpetrated. Whether or not you believe it is an illusion perpetrated by the media to hoodwink Americans into believing in a facade of liberty , Yanks tend to think they are entitled to change their government and redress the wrongs of poor policy at all levels (local to federal).When was the last time the voice of the people brought about real macro-political change across China? Do I hear Zhao Ziyang turning over in his grave? Few expend their energy railing against a system that everyone knows is blatantly stacked against the common man. As for local thugs (I mean cops), there are a number of recent examples of the Internet community outing abuses of power on their part and justice being done, primarily because it could not be swept under the rug as it would have been in the good ole days.The question of universalism vs. particularism is, in itself, highly abstract, and as you know generalizations break down quickly on the mean streets. I have met many universalists in China, who despite an educational system designed to squeeze lateral thinking from their brains, passive aggressive political rhetoric that stokes an us vs. them jingoism and a chaotic society that constantly challenges any and all assumptions, still appreciate the common ground shared by mankind in their struggle against abusive power.Anyway, great to find you and engage again in meaningful conversations. Will link you up when my new blog is live (soon I hope)!- Chris

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