In 2012 the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education published Peoplehood Papers 7 on Reinvigorating Jewish Peoplehood – the Philanthropic Perspective. We decided, together with Taube Philanthropies and the Jewish Funders Network, that in 2020 it may be worth turning the topic on its head and dedicating an issue to Reinvigorating Jewish Philanthropy – the Peoplehood Perspective. In other words, we wanted to explore the impact of the growing awareness to Peoplehood and its challenges on Jewish Philanthropy.


In the decade that transpired since our previous publication on this topic, Peoplehood became a common concept in the Jewish professional jargon and a cornerstone in framing the Jewish conceptual and practical conversation on Jewish identity and the Jewish collective enterprise.  We wanted to expand that conversation and explore how framing through a Peoplehood perspective can enrich and strengthen our philanthropic work. Both in terms of its overall context as well as the nature of collaboration with the other players in the field.

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